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Monday, February 27, 2012

"Finished My Necktie Pillow!"

So months ago I had this "great idea"( sarcasm is in quotes)...I bought several neckties CHEAP from Goodwill with interesting prints and I wanted to TIE (pun intended) them together to make a rug...turns out you need a LOT of ties for that...so what I did instead was cross-hatch the ties in a square- and I found I needed a backdrop- so I used a piece of black felt...This is what it looked like-
And from the back...
Now I had this finished and wanted to make a pillow out of it...but I DON'T SEW very well...I'm going to learn!!  Sooo, I've been keeping an eye out for a great pillow to add this to whenever we visit Goodwill (I'm telling you- some days our Goodwill is like gold!!)  Tonight I found a fantastic pillow- has a gold cover with a zipper- brand new for $3.03!!  Here's the pillow by itself.
This is going to be a hand wash pillow- definitely decorative or for someone without small kids...I remember too well all the spit up I had to deal with when Noah was little!!  So I used my trusty Fabric Adhesive Spray- it also adheres a lot of other stuff- very strong.  I sprayed the back really well, tucked under the edges and here is my new pillow for my new room!!
Here's another view-
It definitely unique, and I like it so much, I may do a couple more...matching the prints was part of the fun! 

So, What do you think? I'd appreciate comments on my blog, so I know what direction to keep marching in...thanks always for your time, friends!!

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