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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"From Rarely Used Dining Room to a Room of My Own!"

What started out as a dining room...
Then I repainted and re-staged to accommodate the pool table we bought at a garage sale!...
THEN I decided to add a bench and repaint...
Now, thanks to my wonderful husband, he's convinced me into letting me have the room all to myself- the boys have the game room and each one a bedroom...my hubby uses the living room as his office...so here it is in progress...
Pool table is still stacked on the right, and I'm waiting on my little loveseat from Wal-mart!!!

Here's the end product!! (Without the t.v. from upstairs, however)  But thanks so much to my husband for helping me put that couch together- everything else is stuff I already had and re-purposed!!

So happy with the end product! And from now on, THIS is where I'll be doing most of my posting!! :)

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