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Monday, March 12, 2012

"Sparkly Glass Garden Mushrooms!"

(Wanted to re-post this one now that the gardening season has started... much better pics)

This idea came from a tutorial on glass totems for your garden I found on "Pinterest"...I'm making a much smaller version of them and playing around with ways to make them sparkle more like glitter!!...
This is a pretty plate and vase I got each for about $1 at the Goodwill...To bond them together, I used Gorilla Glue - love that stuff!  I'll stake them in the ground using plastic pvc pipe...
Absolutely stunning when they're in the garden- even better when the flowers are blooming!!
Here's one I placed awhile back... I'm so excited to get my gardening on!
Here's a much better finished photo- notice the green sparkly mushroom I added later down in front!  

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