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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Widening a Collection of Art

So I showed the beginning of a collage of photographs in an earlier decorating post.  The new room- turning the rarely used dining room into my own little place :)  This is a demonstration of how it has shifted and I've added different pictures that I loved.  You can do this too!

Just to remind you- here is a before:

And here's a more current picture:
Using same size frames on each side to maintain balance, I've slowly made a larger impact statement above the couch.  I love being surrounded by beautiful and inspiring things!  And even more satisfactory- AFORDABLE!!  By the way, the amazing quilt on the couch was a self-made gift from one of my moms! 
Never be afraid to play around with your pictures- it helps to have someone hold them up to the wall so you can stand back and eye it :)  And always place them on the floor and move them around first!!
Your feedback is ALWAYS welcome...

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