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Friday, March 2, 2012

"The Metal Bucket"

I was given a metal bucket- a very nice one from one of Austin's friends from a trip- with "Corona" beer written all over it...since we're not big drinkers, I wanted to change it to something I would use, possibly in the garden...and Austin's friend didn't mind. So I started by giving it a coat of silver spray paint for metal surfaces, which I already had in the cupboard and it looked really nice!  But I wanted to make it REALLY nice!  So, I went through my large scrapbook of paper and found some beautiful prints to cut out.  I used the spray adhesive to attach it to the metal once it was dry and gave it 2 coats of spray Polyurethane...Presto! Change-o!  This is what my bucket looks like now...rather charming, I think ;-)  Maybe it'll hold some real flowers this spring!
 Super SIMPLE! for a Simple Life...!

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