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Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Trying Other's Teriffic Ideas!"

O.k, sooooo I needed something over the windows in our bedroom and just couldn't find the right thing.  I canNOT sew, SO that limited me a lot...I tried buying a shower curtain and tying it to the rod in the openings, but it looked sparse, so I took it down.


I came across a great trick to making a Roman Shade with absolutely no sewing whatsoever! And the best part was, I already had the fabric and the mini-blinds from the instructions.....so I want to share my final result and then direct you to this tremendously creative woman that I learned from!

See how nicely they compliment our existing black/white quilt? And because I already had all the materials, they cost me NOTHING but some time...

Check her out! She's a genius, too!! Ha-ha! =)

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