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Monday, February 20, 2012

"Simply Make Life Simple"

This blog will be a series of simple ideas to indeed make life easier- and who couldn't use that?
Item #1- Broken Water Cooler
        So we had this large red water cooler for awhile, but it began to leak and eventually the hinges on top completely gave way.  It was sitting empty taking up space in the closet when one day I thought, "Hey! That would be perfect to store our dry dog food in!"  So that's exactly what I did- we have 2 dogs roughly 60 lbs apiece and we buy these huge 40 lb bags of food.  Usually the cooler holds almost the whole bag and within a few days, we pour the rest in...It is absolutely less messy and looks much nicer (smells nicer, too!) than a big bag sitting around.  We leave a scoop cup in the cooler and it makes feeding the dogs much simpler!! If you have a simple idea, please feel free to comment and leave your name so I can give you credit!
We all like to have life a little easier!!

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