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Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Our Dining Room Table Re-do" (actually it's just the chairs)!

Last year, we put our 4 person dining table on the sunporch and got quite a bit of use out of it...HOWEVER- the oldest dog did, too..! She scratched her face on the seats and wore them out and made them smell...Here's what the chairs looked like a week ago...

I wanted to recover them inexpensively and also keep the exposure of the seats to a minimum... so of course I looked for material and found a great mix packaged altogether (mostly for quilters) at Wal-mart!!  I also found clear plastic material there for 97 cents a yard that is made especially for covering tables, picnics, and this type of furniture... Here's how I went about it...
Removed the screws and the seat...

I used the can of spray adhesive to initially attach the material...(and no, I did not do this on the carpet- this is an after shot) 

Cut the clear cover and stapled it over the material onto the back of the seat!  Notice I chose a DIFFERENT but compatible fabric for each seat, instead of making them all the same!! :)
Here is a picture of a couple of the completed chairs! I'm very pleased with the way they turned out...
 screwing the seats back on was the hardest part ironically!
And here is a couple pics of the finished product!  Hope this helps somebody with their decorating issues!   The dog is going to hate these- they are way too slick for her to scratch her face- she'll have to move onto the fence ;)

Happy, happy, happy for now!

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