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Monday, February 20, 2012

"Decorating Ideas- Halloween"

Most of the decorating I did for our big Halloween Party with our teenagers, came from the Dollar Tree- which gave me a lot for my budget...following here are just several pictures of how I used the articles to decorate the house...
Fingers and eyeballs in the pantry!

Then I used cotton to spread all over pictures that I DOWNLOADED from horror flick searches on the web...I inserted them into the frames to give a spooky feeling...since I wasn't selling them, I didn't have to worry about copyrights!!
Look closely at the pictures! =0

So I wanted to take pictures of all of our party guests and I needed a couple of backdrops- in comes my shower curtain liner (which needed replaced, anyway for about $6 from Wal-Mart).  I laid the tarp out in the yard, and used a bottle of red acrylic paint- 97 cents- and flung it randomly over the liner, and at one point, covered my hands in the red paint and put a couple of stamps on the liner dragging down- needless to say, I was going for a "Psycho" feel!  It turned out pretty great! 
Made for some terrific photos- although this one I could see the bottom of my door :)

See the eyeballs sticking out of the plant in the corner?  For about $3 a piece, I bought styrofoam balls and painted black circles in the center.  By shoving dowel rods in the bottom, we could put them in bushes outside and all sorts of places for trick or treaters- for nighttime, we put cheap kids' light up sticks in from the top and the EYES GLOWED =) 
And here is a pretty decent photo of them glowing in the dark!!

Here's another cheap decoration that got the kids' attention! Once again, Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks, supplied me with these green and black pantyhose.  I stuffed them with socks to look like legs, and used my very own pair of red shoes.  We stuck them under the garage door to look like "The Wicked Witch of the East" out of "The Wizard of Oz"!  Cheap and not too gory!!

For a CHEAP and easy way to scare up our porch lights, I used a page of my existing scrap-booking paper with a red tinge, cut it in half and just taped it to the inside of the glass. (Be sure they're not touching the light bulbs, and take them down as soon as Trick-or-Treating time is over.) Then we used a little more "spider web" to give it a more realistic touch!
Here's a great photo I put in black and white- I bought a zombie figure and taped him behind our dining room door like he was reaching out.  I got to take a lot of pictures with our zombie and our friends that turned out great!!  This is one of my favorites!  
Just one more- can you tell how much I like to decorate for Halloween?? I found these paper birds at the Dollar store and put them all over our windows, and then I found 2 for $1 fake ravens and placed them in the house...Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" scared my mother to death when she was young!!  The ravens, by the way, also tricked our cat! LOL He attacked them more than once!

I'm only posting a couple more photos, I could go on forever...feel free to share any of your ideas here! Thanks for sifting through mine!

Happy Halloween!!

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