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Monday, February 20, 2012

"Christmas Transformation!"

This is my dining room/ pool room- lol!  I had just made it over a couple of months before Christmas.  It turned out very light and airy which I loved.  However, after having a huge Halloween Party and decorating it all up, I didn't want to put a ton of work into decorating it for Christmas...so here's what I did!

I went outside and cut several branches off of our overgrown Juniper trees and put them in this beautiful green glass vase.  I added a faux white orchid in the middle- that was all free!  I
I put my Christmas tablecloth over the pool table and put out the place settings a few days before dinner!
Added a few candles and found these terrific snowflakes from the chandelier from the Dollar Store...it all kept the room light and airy, but also gave it a holiday feel- and made it very easy to take apart when the holidays were over.  Because of the color scheme, it was also a great carry-over for New Years!!

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